Cast of Characters

In an act of extreme act of egomania, I chose to not use our real names lest anyone care. I use these pseudonyms  in order to protect the guilty and the cranky.

My wife shall henceforth be known as Warrior Princess.

My 9-year-old daughter: Miss O

My 6-year-old son : G

My 3-year-old son: The Mayor of Bangkok, more simply The Mayor

Me: Maker

I am still a work in progress. My greatest creation are my 3 kids, the people they are now and the people they become. My greatest achievement was to con my wife into falling in love with me.

I have decided to start living more with the end in mind, specifically what will be said. I want that conversation to be of the life that currently only exists in my head as my dreams… it’s the life I want to lead.

I can’t say it any better then this: “I don’t want to be known for the brand of cloths I wear or the products I use. I want to be known for what I have done for others, how I treat others, and for what I create!”  as posted here http://mnmlist.com/ads/.

Finally, in any particular moment, I may not act accordingly to what I have written above, I am human.

– Maker

You can email me: maker at this domain .com